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A Successful Surgery

8 hours of life was like the worst nightmare for a young couple. Just realising they are now a parent , they experienced something difficult to understand.

Their small baby princess accidently ingested a golden nose pin while she was licking honey as a part of a ritual, just 4 hours after her birth!

Paediatrician rushed in and he was surprised to believe his eyes seeing an X-ray film of the baby at 3 am who mistakenly ingested the nose pin!

Surprisingly, the baby was under mild distress making her lucky and god was on her side, to reach the operation theatre in time.

ENT surgeon Dr. Dhawal Shah and his team swiftly removed the foreign body (fb) lodged in the upper oesophagus; the head of nose pin was stuck to the tracheo-oesophageal wall and the other free shrap end was entrapped in the posterior esophageal wall .
Really a nightmare, never to be forgotten by the parents or the doctor and kudos to science and biotechnology that enables us to perform such delicate surgery successfully. Now the couple is happy having saved their little one.

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